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Featured Artists
Ahmet Murat Karayilan Ahmet Murat Karayilan
My art is influenced by Heidegger. Indeed, each figure of mine is 'Dasein': aware of existing in time temporarily + feeling one's existence constantly. In my paintings, the figures being alone represent the human being's "situation of being on your own" which is the obligatory requirement to comprehend 'time' as pure.
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Valsan Koorma Kolleri Valsan Koorma Kolleri
The well known Indian sculptor Valsan Koorma Kolleri, a creator of the most eloquent and moving works of sculpture in the last three decades in India. He received several grants and awards in India as well as abroad.
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Arpana Caur Arpana Caur
Contemporary Indian Art strives to amalgamate the centuries old Indian traditions of painting & sculpture with contemporary thought. Arpana Caur's work falls into this category of rootedness and contemporaneity which gives a different edge to Contemporary Indian Art and her own work.
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Ibrahim Quraishi Ibrahim Quraishi
IBRAHIM QURAISHI (1973) is an artist who works with different mediums like photography, photo painting, video, film, installation, performance, dance and theatre. His primary interest is the exploration of understanding visual performativity and its relationship to the broader cultural perspectives and their schisms. His approach to the world is that of a traveler.
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Patricia Eichert Gopakumar. R
He is an Indian contemporary artist and contemporary art collector. 2014 His Motion photography (Graphics Interchange Format GIFs - short films) shortlisted The Saatchi Gallery and Google+ The Motion Photography Prize. His works exhibited in Italy, Sweden, France, USA, UK, Bahrain, and India
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Nikolaus Hirschmann Nikolaus Hirschmann

"Nikolaus Hirschmann a Contemporary Painter, Artist from traben-trarbach

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He Si'en He Si'en
Regardless of the human tendency of enjoying the finished artworks but turning a blind eye to the process of art creation, the process of creating an artwork is equally pleasing. 

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Mirko Sevic Mirko Sevic
I am a painter of the darkness for a drop of good. Irretrievably, I immersed into the darkest corners of spiritual destructiveness of a human being in hope to describe it, to stay for a while. Humbleness of those who suffer captured my sensibility.

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Dr. John Antoine Labadie Dr. John Antoine Labadie
As an artist I am a collector of ideas who responds to what is often viewed as the trivia and the ephemera in the world in which I pursue my research and creative practice. As such, the subjects of my artwork vary quite widely.

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Gadadhar OJHA Gadadhar OJHA
In the whole history of civilisation the crises of human identity has been so alarming as it has been in the present century.

Consequently it has become the major concern of the twentieth century art. From the beginning of the century the art has been powerfully
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Mahirwan Mamtani Mahirwan Mamtani
"A remarkable exhibition with an unusual exhibition title, in the form of a question that points directly to the central content of the visual art presented by Mahirwan Mamtani. There is nothing superficial behind but only reality behind the masks which Mahirwan Mamtani wants to depict in his art.
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Natália Gromicho Natália Gromicho
Natália Gromicho was born in Lisbon - Portugal and she´s living in Almada. She studied Arts & Crafts – Ceramics and also Intensive Painting in ArCo School College. She is finishing the High School – Painting in Faculdade de Belas Artes of Lisbon. Also made a Sculpture course with Cuban artist ...
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Gianpiero Actis Gianpiero Actis
Painting, ophthalmology and my life are closely related.  My works have often been published on posters and flyers of Ophthalmology Congresses.

Colour is the leitmotif of all my work, an opposition of light and dark, warm and cold shapes that—as if through an optical illusion—turn into rays.
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More Featured Artists

Antonius Kho Antonius Kho
Visual Loyalty is about realizing our loyalty with our profession. Even though there are obstacles as we follow our journey, but we are still loyal. This is just like how pets are always loyal to their masters.
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Devakrishna Marco Giollo Devakrishna Marco Giollo

"I am using recycling materials, plaster, mix media and strong colors on canvas.

I collect waste materials around the house and mix it with old jewelry, embroidery and handmade beadworks I buy at local markets on my travels to Asia.

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Leemour Pelli Leemour Pelli
I work in the media of Painting, Sculpture, installations, works on paper, photography, and prints. 
My work depicts reflections on contemporary reality. In it I explore fundamental social and psychological aspects...
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Andrei F. Karpov Andrei F. Karpov
Classical painter of modern art 
Recognized leader of the Russian Neo-Primitivism
Born in 1959 in Tula Town, Russia Andrei Karpov took his degree at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as an Engineer-Physicist. Lives and works in Moscow. Since 1986 exhibits in Russia and abroad.
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Clare Haxby Clare Haxby
I am a British mixed media artist living and working in Singapore since 2007. My work combines painting and printmaking, colour and the drawn line. I like to combine monoprint drawing and linoprint with painting sometimes with collage aswell.

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Birendra Pani Birendra Pani
My present series of works in the show titled "Soft Subversion" endeavours to create a critical reflective space with respect to the present material culture and human life and society in a neoliberalized world. Material need is an indispensable part of human existence; however it has now been completely governed by the drive...
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Nobina Gupta Nobina Gupta
The natural energy of the universe, the ‘Prana’ or ‘Chi’, the rhythmic flow of life, freedom of evolution, spontaneity of growth within the vast expanse of organic world gushing with vital energy and emotions has always been my primal mode of inspiration.
However, the drastic changes live processes are undergoing reflect on our very own existence.
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Kochi Muziris Biennale Image And Poetry

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Kochi Muziris Biennale Image And Poetry