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Featured Artist      
Ahmet Murat Karayilan      

My art is influenced by Heidegger. Indeed, each figure of mine is 'Dasein': aware of existing in time temporarily + feeling one's existence constantly. In my paintings, the figures being alone represent the human being's "situation of being on your own" which is the obligatory requirement to comprehend 'time' as pure.

In terms of inspiration process, I think it largely comes from my Greek origin. I am especially curious about Greek mythology, especially those behind the constellations + Greek philosophy (Herakleitos, Parmenides, etc). Like I mentioned, my figures are mostly alone. When I'm alone, I'm with myself. I'm feeling 'Now.' But time is also continuous. The watch rotor, often present in my work, symbolizes this continuousness. Moreover, I emphasize space and time sometimes using magazine pages as backgrounds. Why are my figures white or black? They become clearer while not being there. Not being there reinforces their visibility. Like a missing piece of the puzzle. So where are they? Somewhere in their minds. Parallel universes? Maybe.

I usually start by sketching + taking notes. I make quick sketches because I like to make decisions while painting. I love that uncertain process.

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