Temporary Tenants

The sea the sea the great maw the final maw
mother of us all father of us all
Where we come from
Where we go from

Sea sea lapping forever
on our shores
on its shores
lent to us by the sea
for this fleeting moment in eternity

O we are but sand flies
that live for a day and die
on these fair beaches
on these far reaches
which the sea will soon take back from us
Temporary tenants
with no lease upon the land!

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

(courtesy of the author)

An important exhibition will be held in Torino (Italy) in October and an exhibition online for international artists will be shown the web site of World Art (www.worldart.info).
Poems of Inspiration:Temporary Tenants - Lawrence Ferlinghetti, In the Blue- Agneta Falk  
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