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Digital Art  

The Treachery of Digital Art - JD Jarvis

Random is as Random Does

The Evolution and Status Quo of Digital Art: An Artist's Perspective - Dr. John Antoine Labadie

Two basic printmaking questions of today - Dr. John Antoine Labadie

A conversation about printmaking traditions and new trends in printmaking: Talking with Ralph Lee Steeds -
Dr. John Antoine Labadie

The new media soup: Some thoughts on newer technologies and the arts -Dr. John Antoine Labadie

Computer Art: The Newest Studio Media -Dr. John Antoine Labadie

Fine Art  

The poet who scribbles his mindscape - a painterly, volcanic burst: A brief appreciation on Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore & his work of art - Raj Kumar Mazinder

Immagine&Poesia - Alfa Teatro in Torino, Italy

The Square

Linguistics River - Gopakumar. R - 2012


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