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Birendra Pani

My present series of works in the show titled "Soft Subversion" endeavours to create a critical reflective space with respect to the present material culture and human life and society in a neoliberalized world. Material need is an indispensable part of human existence; however it has now been completely governed by the drive of consumerism. The consumerist attitude which has penetrated deep into the human psyche and human beings are consumed by the commodity rather than they consume it. Material has turned to be the source of his sustenance rather than his inherent inner strength. Deriving from everyday life experience, I have focused on this schizophrenic condition of human life through the pop and kitsch imageries and sometime in a comical way or with the element of satire. Capsule has been evolved as the important metaphor for me projecting the power and play of consumerist culture, since my student days in Vadodara in 1997. For me, it is the hybrid image of the local, national and the global. Sometimes I use syringe and computer key boards symbolizing the present global, technocratic and cyber culture. In many of my works, the embodied self critically reflects on the struggles, contradictions, and dichotomies due to change in value, knowledge and culture in our social structures and life. My works are the juxtaposition of visual form and conceptual relations which create the tension that transcends the boundaries.

The significant part of my show is the project titled 365 -DAYS, 365-DREAMS, 365-STORIES. My drawing is the spontaneous expression of my ideas. In many of my drawings, the central character is 'myself' and images of capsule and everyday life experience.

It is the condensed expression of the cultural experiences of my entire journey in my artistic life. In the initial stage, the Odishan miniature tradition, the Santiniketan schooling and Jogen Choudhury's style of drawing had deep influence on me. Apart from that I was inspired by the drawings of German expressionists like Kathe Kollwitz, Max Beckman, Otto Dix and George Grosz, and later by the Indian artists like Chitta Prasad, Zainul Abedin, Somnath Hore and Suranjan Basu and others who embarked upon the idea of art as a form of social consciousness. In the last phase of my student career in Santiniketan (1996), the language of Kerala Radical group had some influence on me. Later Bhupen Khakhar's idea of everydayness had impact on my drawings. Spontaneity, sensuousness, lyrical quality with caricature, comic and satire are important element of my work. When I travel, I love to imagine and carry my sketch book to preserve my ideas and later I express those ideas. My drawings evolve sometimes as the unconscious art practice and sometimes it is the magic of life; I believe one line can speak a dialogue, a line is without colour; but there are deep layers of emotions, feelings and experiences embedded in it.

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