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Gadadhar OJHA      

In the whole history of civilisation the crises of human identity has been so alarming as it has been in the present century.

Consequently it has become the major concern of the twentieth century art. From the beginning of the century the art has been powerfully projecting the problems of man's search for his apotheosis due to the disappearance of the traditionnal ties of the community in a disintegrating world. This important aspect of modern civilisation has found
deeply self expressions in the field of art.

Modern art views man and the world both as a chaotic mass with the breakdown of social order and values, xistence became a serious question for man. His soul is caught in the threshold of existence which is enscable for him.

For an artist existence is an art and art itself is a language that the artist visualises from the spur of realities, the reality that is a subject of time and space, the reality experienced and the reality felt or understood are separate and move in two different ways. The experience may have a root in the time and space available around him but the felt,
realised or understood realisation are free from spatio-temporal time. It is a psychological phenomena.

Between experience and realisation the solipstic circle exists. It is the beginning when one enters into the zone of silence after noise. When one expresses, he expresses from the language available in the space around him in realization to time. And art as the only medium of communication, as a language that brings out the interior world when the apotherisis or the art exists....

The quest for the apotheosis of man as an artist is an eternal quest. The search itself is a subjective one almost completely neglecting the objective world or the world outside. This process initially denies everything that is present in the limits of himself circumference. His denies affirms only the search for the self of « I » at himself. Even he denies the physical entity of himself which alarms his body through the pain occured during the process of
creation. The age-old processes are left behind and the affirmation and negation continue. It takes him towards a noise as its beginning. This is a pathway towards nothingness where his being awaits him.

The language of the being is silence and silence comes after noise. The journey to find out the being or self where lies the apotheosis of man is a quest for self-identity is what one means by solipsism.

Now, I decide to express myself with monumental sculptures … Public art for future generation.

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