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Featured Artist      
Gianpiero Actis      

Painting, ophthalmology and my life are closely related.  My works have often been published on posters and flyers of Ophthalmology Congresses.

Colour is the leitmotif of all my work, an opposition of light and dark, warm and cold shapes that—as if through an optical illusion—turn into rays.

As a lover of art history, an art collector, and as a painter, I have always been interested in the pictorial expressions of the various ages, and it is true that the unconscious influences of different art movements often emerge in my works. 

In painting, almost everything has already been produced and every experiment has been made, so I try to create works that are as personal as possible, to allow the observer to recognize the identity of artist at first sight.

For me, painting is "poetry through images" and my bright and colourful paintings are simple and straight, filtered and reduced to a minimum in a long preliminary stage.  Even in the most challenging issues the colour and the dynamic force of geometric lines lighten the composition in order to communicate energy and optimism.  My paintings are similar to "icons," abstract and timeless images, filtered only by memory and imagination, even if— at times —they can evoke ideal, metaphysical or surreal landscapes.

A decisive turning point in my artistic career took place in 2006 when I met the English poet Aeronwy Thomas, the daughter of Dylan Thomas, and together we worked to found Immagine & Poesia, the artistic literary movement that has rapidly spread all around the world.

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