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Linguistics River
Gopakumar. R - 2012 (MoMa Projects)

“You cannot step twice in the same river”, Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher said.

Since the beginning of the world, so many people stepped in the river but never twice on the same river as river never flow twice. River is flowing from one end to other but not repeating.

The water flows in Linguistics River is a reflection of the present scenario. The viewer is the powerful tool to create waves in this river. Existing wave will pave way for the new one. Here, spectator takes the role of a creator and creator turns to viewer.

Write and share your notion, feelings, issues, moments, etc… all will transfer to the main work of art.

This weeping Linguistics River will be there always to carry your notions and spared solace to all mankind.

Instructions for entering the River

1. Click on top of the River (content area)
2. Delete the existing text (backspace) and write there your notion, feelings, issues, moments, etc.
3. Save (Ctrl+S)
Now you also part of the work of art.

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