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Featured Artist      
He Si'en      

Regardless of the human tendency of enjoying the finished artworks but turning a blind eye to the process of art creation, the process of creating an artwork is equally pleasing.

Listening and being listened, we crave both. The colloquial interaction as such is where the beauty lies.

Like a plant that feels the subtle changes of weather and soil, an artist does the same. He feels and extracts nutriment from the surroundings - history and cultural environment - until he and the destiny coalesces into one.

As always I keep a watchful eye on the things around me, full of curiosity and with the belief that every human being in this constantly changing world is blessed, for we are experiencing every moment of the life.

He Si’en was born in 1969 and grew up in Sichuan Province, In southwest China, which is a large population areas. He left from Sichuan in 1997 and now resides in Beijing.
He Si’en graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts. his eclectic creative means, When he was a student, he is very concerned about the extraordinary charm of those ordinary things around the side, after 2005, in order to explore different themes and means of "game" of meaning and interest during this period, His art practice is a critical presentation of his concept before creative. He is a very active artist. He Si’en is the recipient of many awards and honors. Over the years, his works appears in many important exhibitions, Works was spread to Asia and Europe, and elsewhere. Works are collectioned by more than museum and public institutions.

He Sien is a painter, but more often, it puts him into a concept visual artists. Means that people know He Sien works, concept is the leading, technology is secondary; He Si’en creations usually have 'random' figure, similar to the literature of the "stream of consciousness," "Fantasy" command to proceed, "fragment "is jumping the audience the impression of" whole ". He Sien great emphasis on performance language, Because of the extreme pursuit of his language of the  performance, style of work was let free on the border between painting and concepts., at least in his own opinion, what way to creative, depending on what time he was thinking.

Therefore, his works show a wide range of diversity of style, performance in the form of oil and acrylic, etching, lithography and photography. His broad vision, the theme is very special, to benefit from his life experience and superb skills, many ordinary everyday objects described by the imagination and the image has a special meaning.

"That's Pear Series", is He Sien a group of important works, related works from different periods form, elaborated He Sien the same thing in different periods of interest. Pear, as He Sien favorite fruit, take traces of daily life. pear, in the Chinese perception, also has a rich symbol of the expression of the "separation" means, therefore, Chinese people have never shared a pear, which originated from the "isolation" of concern. because pears have therich nutrition and adequate water, was He Sien understood as a "temptation" of "life" and "female" temptation. ancient times, Chinese people advocating "implicit", so we see that the desire to be packaged. With this group works increases, the "free expression" signs of more and more joined the POP elements, perhaps people can look forward to a more colorful "That's Pear Series".

"Rock,Paper,Scissors" is his work in 2007. "Rock,Paper,Scissors"is a game rather than the game, "hand" style of emoticons to be gradually "conflict" theme repeats as the "man and nature in the game, the natural and human in close fight. "However, we can not use their experience of these" similar "images to make simple judgments.He Sien did not seem too much responsibility to bear in these patterns of gesture, in a simple, streamlined style of the details behind it seems to float as curious bystanders and distrust.

"Chinese Zodiac" is a group of his works in which a series of acrylic on canvas(2010). based preference for the image means long-term, rigorous images and random graffiti by his combination presents a novel means of expression. draws inspiration from Chinese culture and its graphic and representative symbology. The animals depict fate and man with his passions. He Si’en portrays these in a personal light with subtle hints of alphabetical characters. With the colours he uses his creates atmospheres that make one think of the unavoidability of simply ‘being’ and the spiritual justification for life. One can recognize a recreational aspect with little butterflies, fish and coloured characters. The colour is applied to the medium using a range of different techniques. The animals, which hold the only real connection with reality, come out through a reflective cloud but in a precise and uniform way whilst well founded light and instinctive brush strokes define contrast. In his works there is a love for his heritage and roots, retold through symbols recognized by all.

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