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Featured Artist      
Johan Wahlstrom      

I paint to keep myself insane.
I paint anxiety to be calm.
I paint war to have peace.
I paint sadness to be happy.
I paint the dark to be in the light.
I paint death to be alive.
I paint a story so that I don't have to tell a story.

"Johan Wahlstrom is spontaneously, emotionally and a story teller"
Dr. phil. Maria-Ilona Schellenberg ? Kunstpublizistin & Dozentin, Düsseldorf 2009

"We are drawn into a reality of the mind playing with known and unknown images; cultural and spiritual continuity with disturbing distortions." Don Noyes-More, Editor, Downton La Life Magazine, Los Angeles, 2009

"Johan Wahlstrom's conveys a message and reflection in our journey through life, where each painting gives a bit of life's puzzle. "Its Boring To Die" is the best show in Malaga this fall and leave a strong footprint for future generations."

Jenny Kattán, Malaga21, Malaga, Spain, 2011

"In their simplicity they have a primal feel to them,"
"He brings the viewers' attention to the environment and how human destruction of Mother Earth at this speed will leave nothing for future generations,"
Sara Abrahim, Art Raw Gallery, New York, 2009

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