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Featured Artist      
Leemour Pelli      

I work in the media of Painting, Sculpture, installations, works on paper, photography, and prints.

My work depicts reflections on contemporary reality. In it I explore fundamental social and psychological aspects of the human condition, in relation to human perception and interaction.

As an artist, I try to x-ray life, and x-ray its many colors, meanings, characters, figures and situations. In most of my work, which is poetically figurative in its style, I focus on manifesting not only what is visible, and what the eye can see, but what one cannot always see in reality. I call this limited scope of human vision - “almost sight.” In my work, I try to show what makes us blind and limited, by examining not only the visible aspects of reality, but also the invisible, and often limited nature of one’s perception(s). That is, I explore a basic collapse or failure of sight in human perception.

This collapse also brings forth and leads to other failures and complications in the domain of human experience. In my work, I try to show how contemporary modern man is somehow limited – in his/her vision(s), relationships, and in their selves. I also explore the nature of the self as an individual, and that of being contextualized in a space that involves others/relations and the power of time. The human figure, or human landscape, is explored in an anatomical and poetic way – as a place of memory and transformation, whether good or bad, real or imaginary.

The world and figures depicted in it, at times appear to be skeletal, they are, to reference a poem by Ted Hughes, “Almost a person.” They are only partially there, perhaps broken, hidden, fragile, failing – longing, loving, parting, basically changing and transforming through the space of time and the “skeletons” one acquires. At times, their internal organs fail them – or over power them – sending them out of control – metaphorically speaking, or other’s organs fail them or overpower them, etc.

The work also, at times, draws inspiration from literature and poetry, such as the writings of Samuel Beckett, and Ted Hughes. Characters and personas that may resemble those in some of their writings, are re-created and used in a theatrical series of works.

Though the work consists of single figures or couples, it may be said that larger issues concerning the break down or malfunctioning of human relations and humanity itself are invoked.  A general failure at connection is evident. Indeed, the work is about fundamental collapse: of contemporary social conventions, perceptions, relationships, and individuals' internal and exterior worlds.

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