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Mahirwan Mamtani    

"A remarkable exhibition with an unusual exhibition title, in the form of a question that points directly to the central content of the visual art presented by Mahirwan Mamtani. There is nothing superficial behind but only reality behind the masks which Mahirwan Mamtani wants to depict in his art. A mask, according to Mahirwan , not only hides but also emphasizes and strengthens characteristics which otherwise would remain faceless in
the truest sense.

To understand this, a person must know more about the artistic career of Mahirwan Mamtani. At the beginning of his studies, he was influenced by people such as William Blake and Joseph Beuys. These in turn had influences from anthroposophy such as Rudolf Steiner and above all from Vassily Kandinsky, who recognized depiction of color and shape as a distinct form while moving away from describing just objects.

Mamtani now has gone the opposite way. He begins with constructivist forms. The original Indian art Mandalas, which are symmetrical and perfectly balanced in form and color, are a starting point for his art. The spiritual center of his art is Tantrism, which aims at recognizing the ultimate reality. The results of this phase are the so-called "Centrovisions".

In the 1970s, the bridge carried Mamtani from India to Europe. As a member of 3eo- Tantrics, he joins the Swiss group The Spiritual in Art. What was to follow were worldwide exhibitions in 3ew York, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo, Melbourne, 3ew Delhi and Milan. At a crucial turning point after that Mamtani turned away from the abstract object form and the "faces" grew out of the Mandalas. He now aims to depict human
emotions, "Mandala Conscious Beings" in Mamtanis words. Mamtani translates his paintings into wooden masks, masks which he often wears himself and gains a new identity, which he accepts and plays consistently. This is joined by dance which he videographs and photographs and thus uses it as a template for new pictorial interpretations. He calls his results "transmuted photos" and this interplay between the artist depiction and presentation of himself leads to new artistic cosmos.

Mamtani´s figures appear with a mysterious aura and gravity begins to dissolve. What is invisible in the real world is visible here. The background of his paintings consists of molecular structures floating in the atmosphere, the so-called "orbs". This transmutes the body thus a fantastic world of thought takes shape and opens the doors into a hidden world. In the Indian tradition of linking Western Europe with elements, Mahirwan Mamtani represents more than the autonomous artistic value by bridging the gaps between cultures."

- GünterEbert

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