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Featured Artist      
Nobina Gupta      

The natural energy of the universe, the ‘Prana’ or ‘Chi’, the rhythmic flow of life, freedom of evolution, spontaneity of growth within the vast expanse of organic world gushing with vital energy and emotions has always been my primal mode of inspiration.

However, the drastic changes live processes are undergoing reflect on our very own existence. Somewhere beneath the surface, a gradual imbalance is occurring within life; life processes. The sudden outbursts, the unpredictable behavioral patterns, the unpresumptuous outcomes are rather alarming. As a result of throwing sustainability to the winds – and powered by motives of attaining seemingly endless levels of development, consumption and luxury – massive pollution and mindless exploitation of natural resources is evident, which is causing effects like rampant environmental degradation and fearsome global warming. These are playing havoc and are throwing up questions galore about the ongoing paradigm of development.

How can we ignore these undergoing drastic changes, living in our comfort zones? Our self-centric thought processes which always resonate with a self-centered philosophy like – ‘If I am well, then, all is well’. This centripetal life pattern keeps us caught up in our individualistic, self-serving and selfish life style perhaps oblivious about the possibility of any other state of being. At one point, it becomes extremely difficult to revert this cycle into a centrifugal pattern and open our vision to a greater life and what lies ahead.

Hence, before it is too late we need to feel the endless forces of this universe synchronizing with our own inner selves. Understanding the interdependent bonding of individual existence and the existence of life as a whole, we need to perceive life with all our senses; we need to feel it with our inner souls. We need to connect with our environment, in all senses of the term. Only by realizing and empathizing with our surrounding environment, we can attempt to maintain a balance and retain the natural flow of life ‘Prana’. 

Being philosophically prone, and being a part of this turmoil, I feel the need to redefine and reinterpret life. I desire to understand, communicate and project the transformations gradually occurring in our own bodies, in the life processes of microbes and organisms in our environment and for that matter within the whole ecosystem. I wish to sensitize my viewers on their own evolving lives and send a notion that
‘We need to wake up’, Seek Beneath the Surface. Look beyond and Find Life.

If you relate to my urge that goes beyond the din of debates, if you relate to the unanswered question emanating from the bosom of silence-‘Are we wrecking the vital processes of life on this earth?’ – Then this is the time to become aware of the real value of life and take a proactive, pro-life stance. There is still opportunity to re-establish the missing link that completes the full circle.

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